Travel Blend offers a robust brew of handcrafted tours! Working with industry leading travel suppliers allows us to handpick and create the best travel package possible. We specialize in group travel… However, we also offer non-group trips if they are too good to pass up! All the must see places are included on every trip along with a variety of optional tours.

We pay attention to every detail, from your accommodations to the venues and as a result, YOU can enjoy luxury four star or better hotels, restaurants with rave reviews, sightseeing with topnotch tour guides, and a plethora of activities to write home about.

We are dedicated to helping you every step of the way so you’ll expect only pleasant surprises on every trip… so whether it’s creating your own perfume in France, feasting your eyes on an organic farm, to table dinners in Italy, waking up in a hotel nestled in a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, or witnessing the sunset at one of the wonders of the world on elephant back in Cambodia, ­ your journey with us will always be a trip of a lifetime!

Planning a group trip for your friends, family or business? We can help arrange it at no charge to you.
Find out how you can receive a complimentary land package. Call 773.620.2332 for more details!


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